Taxation / Public dues


Our counselors help you choose the best suited legal form for your new business (domiciled company, principal company, joint enterprise, business control center, holding company) and the most favorable tax structure. We provide newly established companies in Switzerland with fiscal advice and advice on the placement of direct investments.

We help private individuals find attractive places to live. We use software to compare the tax advantages of different Swiss municipalities and provide additional decision-making tools as needed.

We are consultants in fiscal planning and taxation of direct-investment real estate and of property holding companies (property joint stock companies, real estate investment foundations and property funds), always keeping in mind the taxation implications of a company’s purchase, operation or sale.

Finally, we help clients submit tax declarations for gifts, inheritances and property.

Public Dues

We advise and represent our clients in observing their duties concerning public dues (public dues and charges, Value Added Tax (VAT/MWST), customs duty etc.), as far as possible in accordance with the associated authority and where necessary by legal recourse.