Legal services for public authorities and departments

Offices tasked with legislative projects

  • Advisory counsil / workshop reports
  • Conceptual recommendations
  • Editing suggestions
  • Second Opinions

Legislative committees

  • Advisory counsil / practice-related information
  • Editing assistance for amendments to laws
  • Networking

Organizations of public authorities

  • Organizational consulting
  • Mediation in the case of coordination of public authorities
  • Planning of rulings and directives
  • Advising in adversarial situations
  • Public personnel law / personnel disputes

Local authorities for financial assets

  • Project consulting (legal, business)
    • Property as financial assets
    • Baurechtsgrundstücke (Strategie-, Baurechtszins- und Vertragsberatung)
  • Advising and represantation of building owners
  • Real estate management consulting
  • Representation in proceedings vis-a-vis real estate users and neighbors
  • Advising with regard to reporting to superordinate entities

Local authorities for adminstrative assets

  • Infrastructure (railway law, public street and road law, maintenance and disposal)
  • Public building law
  • Spatial planning
  • Environmental law (polluted sites / waste etc.)
  • Support public procurement law

Authorities for the protection of children and adults (Kinder- und Erwachsenenschutzbehörden, KESB)

  • Advance
  • Advance Care appointee task / deputy tasks
  • Sensitive high-risk situations and management strategies / tactics
  • Advising in cases in which KESB has to intervene, for any reason
  • Consulting with regard to monitoring and dismissal of deputies
  • Support with complaints and lawsuits against officeholders

Building Authorities

  • Strategic and tactical advising in cases of more complex building projects
  • Coaching bei Stadtplanungsvorhaben / Stadtentwicklungsgebieten
  • Redaktionshilfe bei Baubewilligungs-Verfügungen
  • Vertretung in Rechtsmittelverfahren

Probate Courts

  • Reprsentatives of the community of heirs or as special representatives of heirs
  • Estate administrators


  • Hilfspersonentätigkeit in Erbrechtsmandaten wie
    • Inheritance administration
    • Heir’s representation
    • Official liquidation
  • Editing assistance for estate division contracts for the settlement of legal proceedings

Debt Enforcement offices

  • Strategic and tactical advising in cases of complex execution cases
  • Voluntary auctioning / auction planning
  • Forced sale of real estate (Verordnung über die Zwangsverwertung von Grundstücken, VZG) / coaching in difficult cases
  • Defense against governmental liability

Bankruptcy Authorities

  • SchKG-Hilfspersonentätigkeit / special liquidations
  • If applicable, defense against seizure by prosecuting authorities
  • Asse claims / bankruptcy inventory
    • Asset Tracing
    • Cross border support, incl. auxiliary bankruptcy proceedings
    • Sale of real estate
      • in the case of “nested property”
      • in “VVAG (Verordnung über die Pfändung und Verwertung von Anteilen an Gemeinschaftsvermögen, Ordinance on seizure and forced sale of interest in joint property) cases”
    • Assertion of asset claims
      • Demands and other claims
      • Wage claims / Bauabrechnungs-Support
      • Ansprüche aus aktienrechtlicher Verantwortlichkeit
    • Advising in cases of claimes of ownership / segregation of property
    • Revocations
  • Liability claims / creditor rankings + listing(s) of debts
    • Drafting of schedule of claims rulings
    • Offsetting disputes
    • Leading collocations proceedings (ghostwriting or representation)
  • Distribution
    • Coordination assistance in the case of tiered liquidations
  • Assistance in questions pertaining to legal proceedings
    • Internal formulation of intent within a group of creditors as a whole
    • Complex SchKG (Gesetz über Schuldbetreibung und Konkurs, Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law) assignments pursuant to SchKG 260
    • Complaint proceedings (ghostwriting or representation)
  • Defense against governmental liability
  • Bankruptcy administrator coaching in general and in situations of threat

Creditor Committees

  • Coaching
  • Ghostwriting

Estate Courts

  • Interim administrators
  • Definitive administrator
  • Special roles

Church Organizations

  • Bequests and appointment of heirs / protection of interests
  • Real estate
    • Owners’ strategies
    • Conversion of churches / advising and representation of building owners
    • Optimizations of acquired rights / management consulting

Regulatory Support

Location Promototion Organizations / Economic Development Measures

  • Planning suggestions for companies willing to relocate
  • Monitoring and assistance