Approach to consulting

Interdisciplinary make-up

We take an interdisciplinary approach not only in the practice of law but its impact on the profitability, fiscal and structural concerns of our clients’ businesses.

We strive for the most pragmatic solutions and – always – creating added value for our clients.

A shared philosophy

Our partners know that to be successful,

  • their work must be comprehensive and cover every aspect of a situation or case,
  • it must be strategically and tactically sound,
  • be implemented effectively, efficiently, with skill and with diligence,
  • be of the highest high quality and – always – on time

Legal skills

Our partners are at the top of their professions. Their fields of specialization, together with target-group-oriented and industry-specific know-how, generate added value for our clients.


Because the members of our team are vastly experienced in business, government and the law, our clients can be certain of top-of-the-line legal services.