Inheritance law

We advise testators on asset and bequest planning, as well as on corporate succession,

  • by means of either lifetime allocations such as:
    • gifts
    • inheritance advances
    • foundations
    • trusts
    • etc.
  • sei es mittels letztwilliger Verfügungen:
    • wills
    • inheritance contracts
    • foundations

We execute wills, handle matters of parental authority and support of handicapped successors.

We specialize in real estate bequests combining inheritance advances and bequests against payment, free of property tax.

On behalf of clients who have become inheritors, we issue appeals for heirs along with the necessary precautionary measures:

  • sealing of estates
  • inventory
  • application for public inventory or official liquidation/disclaimer

We help passed-over heirs lodge appeals such as:

  • inheritance recovery action
  • invalidity action
  • abatement action
  • equalization action
  • estate partition action

In the partition of estates we take care of:

  • inheritance mediation
  • execution of wills
  • estate partition negotiations

    • objective partial partitions
    • subjective partial partitions
    • combined objective/subjective partial partitions
  • and as the final resort we lodge legal claims regarding partitions under inheritance law

We routinely safeguard the interests of legatees, beneficiaries and other interested parties.