Real estate law

When it comes to real estate transactions such as purchase, sale, real estate leasing or asset transfer, given our multi-disciplinary orientation our advisors, thoroughly at home in Switzerland’s real estate market, provide one-stop shopping (notary services, real estate appraisal, architects, real estate economists and tax consultants). Most transaction objects are multi-family dwellings, office and commercial properties, retail real estate, logistics facilities and hotels, as well as private residential property (single family dwellings, attached and semi-attached homes, condominiums or apartments – often entire floors, lofts, etc. We also handle the sale of entire real estate portfolios.

We advise Swiss and foreign purchasers and sellers of luxury condominiums and apartment hotel condominiums here and abroad.

We act as real estate development project managers and advisors, mostly in legal and business matters as required, including finding land or existing properties. We draft architectural contracts, including copyright, as well as structural engineering, contractor and general contractor contracts, real estate agents’ contracts, rental agreements for first-time users (often involving rental of the building shell, tiered and indexed rents, utilities, etc.). Finally, we draft property purchase contracts for the ultimate purchaser.

Real estate transactions and developments may also entail refinancing (construction loans, mortgages, mezzanine financing, etc.) and collateral transactions including mortgage deeds and mortgage assignments. We expertly take care of all legal and related business management issues, as needed.

Our services include establishing ownership of condominiums/apartments, establishing property development rights (construction rights, rights in perpetuity), handling with foresight the often challenging, abstraction-ridden drafting of easements and other legal matters (construction limitation or outright bans, building in closer proximity to or on the property line, changes to the building volume ratio, sinking of wells, utility line construction and easement), personal easements (right of usufruct, right of abode, construction rights) as well as dealing with contaminated land.

We draft contracts covering purchasing rights, preemptive buying rights and repurchase options.

In cases of foreclosure or on the open market we advise banks, subsequent creditors and debtors, as well as bidders on properties and/or mortgage titles.

We are recognized leaders in executing or contesting construction worker liens.

We are proud to say that our expertise in neighbor rights, reservation agreements and the rights and obligations of real estate agents is quite likely unexcelled in Switzerland.