Employment law / Labor law

Advice and representation in labor issues

We advise employers and employees on employment rights and labor law.

Employment contracts, regulations + reference letters

We review and draft employment contracts and operational, personnel and expense regulations; we advise on human resource matters (transfers, warnings, dismissals, release, mutual termination agreements, etc.) and offer support in drafting reference letters.

Dismissals + Corporate takeovers

We provide support in matters of job cuts (announcements, mass layoffs, social plans, etc.) and corporate takeovers (Swiss Code of Obligations, 333).

Labor disputes

In labor disputes we act as legal representatives before labor or industrial tribunals as well as courts of law.

Work and residency permits

If and to the extent necessary (restrictions to freedom of movement), we apply for work and residence permits for foreign employees; we operate clients’ human resource and payroll departments, advise on activities in Switzerland involving notification of government agencies and represent clients in the state’s employee authentication proceedings (illegal worker checks).

Looking for a labor lawyer?

Do you need advice or representation in a labor issue? Bürgi Nägeli Lawyers provides legal advice on labor law tailored to your needs.

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