Debt recovery law, Bankruptcy law

We are experts at actions against individuals, including debt collection, monetizing pledged property, bill-of-exchange collection; freezing orders (distraint and distraint procedures); return of assets taken from debtor’s assets (contesting gifts, insolvency declarations and intent); as well as ultimate action such as bankruptcy proceedings, moratoria or insolvency proceedings.

We represent creditors’ monetary claims and claims against guarantees, defend against third-party counter-claims and handle assertion-of-rights proceedings and bankruptcy claims prioritization. Thanks to his knowledge, experience and know-how, senior partner Urs Bürgi, attorney-at-law, holder of the Zurich notary, land register and official receiver patents, is in an excellent position to optimize the options open to creditors.

We help defend debtors against unjustified claims, help avoid bankruptcy and advise in dealings with enforcement authorities.

We strive to deal with enforcement authorities on a consensual basis. The last resort in cases in which justice appears deferred or denied is an appeal under the provisions of Swiss bankruptcy code (SchKG ).