Notarial services

Our senior partner Urs Bürgi, attorney-at-law, holder of the Zurich notary, land register and official receiver patents, personally drafts

  • marriage contracts
  • inventories of assets brought into marriage
  • wills
  • inheritance contracts
  • property bills of sale
  • condominium/apartment ownership contracts
  • easements and encumbrances.

He also

  • establishes foundations
  • establishes companies (AG [Inc.] and GmbH[LLC.])
  • and drafts changes in corporate capital structures and documentations of findings (legalization, inventory, negotiations and decision-making, auction protocols, etc.)

Provided there is no conflict of interest (such as property conveyancing), Mr Bürgi provides reasonably priced notary services. He assists in the official authentication procedure, takes care of post-processing and the requisite tax declarations.

He represents foreign clients in foreign notarization procedures